3 Ways To Be A Positive Kalimba Player!

3 Ways To Be A Positive Kalimba Player!

Staying positive is essential to excelling with your kalimba! You must remain patient and tap in to your inner musical spirit to truly master the art of the kalimba. Luckily, we have 3 simple tips to help you stay positive! 

First, remember to take a small break. It can become frustrating when trying to learn a new song, and it is important to not become angry with yourself. Instead, set the kalimba down and take a quick breather and start again in a few minutes.

Second, you want to create specific goals or a mindset. If there is a specific song you are interested in learning, you should focus on only learning that song until you have perfected it. It is more difficult to work on multiple songs at once! 

Third, remember to always play for fun. You can get burnt out quickly if you always end up angry while playing your kalimba! You want to always remember that you are playing this instrument for fun and personal enjoyment. :) 

I hope you guys can utilize some of these tips in your own musical journeys! Happy playing!

- Noah at Bold Musik

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