Meeting our Staff

Hello fellow kalimbists!! My name is Quinten Titchenal and I will be writing to you, in all of our Blog Posts, here on the Bold Musik website.

*SIDENOTE* There will be new posts bi/weekly with more information regarding songs, techniques, history, news and even sales regarding Bold Musik.

Now you are probably wondering who I am, writing to you? I was born near St. Louis, MO in 2001 and am beginning my third year in Cape Girardeau, MO at Southeast Missouri State University studying business.

Business is my passion, and if it has taught me anything, it is quality over quantity. That means quality customer service & quality products. That’s why when we launched our first Bold Musik Kalimba, we obsessed over every detail!

Kalimbas (aka thumb pianos) have been around for thousands of years, but our mix of free shipping, affordable prices, and a quality product makes us truly unique.

Peace out,

Quinten T.

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