Kalimbas Are An Amazing Distraction!

Kalimbas Are An Amazing Distraction!

Are you ever feeling like you can't think of a single thing to occupy your time with? Since the beginning of COVID-19, many of us have been removed from social environments and forced to spend more time at home - which means a lot more boredom. Some of us picked up new jobs and hobbies while the rest of us sat on the couch and binge watched every series on Netflix. 

Whether you are genuinely interested in them or totally bored, learning to play the kalimba is an amazing hobby & there are multiple positive reasons to do so. First of all, learning to play an instrument strengthens multiple brain functions - your cognitive ability, memory, and patience will all increase drastically when learning to play any instrument. Kalimbas are relatively easy to pick up and start playing, so I say they are a better option than deciding you want to try to teach yourself to play the saxophone or another complicated instrument. 

Secondly, playing the kalimba is extremely soothing. It will reduce your stress and put you in a calm, euphoric mood. Research shows that playing an instrument can lower cortisol levels which in turn reduces stress. Once you reduce your stress, your blood pressure and cholesterol lowers as well, making playing the kalimba a healthy hobby! :) 

Thirdly, as I stated above, kalimbas are relatively easy to pick up on and become skilled at. Playing for just 15-30 minutes every day will allow you to develop phenomenal kalimba skills in just a few weeks. Seriously, my mom's jaw dropped when I came back from school and showed her some of the new songs I had memorized, & I don't even play the instrument every day. 

So if you've been searching for a new hobby or are interested in learning to play an instrument, I would seriously consider the kalimba! It is easy on the bank account (cheap), very easy to learn, and can be self taught! And even better, it helps musicians develop stronger mental abilities! What more could you ask for?

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