Updated Kalimba Packaging and Shipping Details

Updated Kalimba Packaging and Shipping Details

Bold Musik has implemented BOLD new packaging to capture the creativity and quality of our BOLD new designs. Each of our kalimbas come in a protective travel sleeve to ensure every order arrives safely while on it's journey to your front door.

Each order comes with two different shipping options to accommodate our customers needs. The free shipping is estimated to arrive within 2-4 weeks. This only includes business days since postal services do not run on Saturday's, Sunday's, and holidays. There is also $9.99 shipping plus tax depending on the state that you reside in.

Along with the shipping changes, each order will be personally fulfilled by myself and another one of the cofounders. With this, we can ensure the quickest shipping times for each and every order that has $9.99 shipping. Bold Musik hopes these new and improved shipping methods decrease product shipping times and leave our customers more satisfied than ever.

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