Simple Steps To Becoming A Better Kalimba Musician!

Simple Steps To Becoming A Better Kalimba Musician!

Learning to play a new instrument can be so difficult that you might want to give up! Well, pick that kalimba back up because we've got a few easy steps that WILL make you a better player with practice and dedication! 


1. Find a kalimba player who inspires you and make them your role model! There are tons of people making their own kalimba music on Instagram, YouTube, etc! 

2. Set a goal for yourself so you know what level you want to achieve. It will feel much more rewarding when you accomplish a goal you've been working towards for a while! 

3. Find your weak points and improve them! For me, my weak point was memorizing which key is which without stopping and looking down at my kalimba. Once I practiced reading the letters and familiarizing myself with them, it became much easier to play fluently. (The key stickers we include are a big help in memorizing your keys!) 


These steps may seem like common sense, but they truthfully are helpful! Every time I meet a new kalimbist I make sure to show them these easy steps. :) 

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