About Us

Started in 2020, Bold Musik was created out of the love of the Kalimba Thumb Piano. Leopold, the company's CEO, discovered the Kalimba to be an extremely fun, relaxing, and enjoyable instrument. He shopped around for a really nice kalimba, and he couldn't find anything very good quality without the price tag being over $100.

That's when the idea formed.

Founder, Leo, and friends playing their kalimba

What if I made my own Kalimba? 

After perfecting the Kalimba with the perfect tines, that feel absolutely wonderful on your fingers, and finding the lightest yet sturdiest mahogany wood to encase the instrument, Leo and his friends started playing their hearts out.

Friends of friends started seeing Leo around playing his Kalimba, and they would ask for their own. Soon after, friends of friends of friends were asking for their own kalimba, and the Bold Musik brand was off the ground!